The Quotable: Jordan

Original Creation Date: January 2010

My youngest sister often says a lot of funny things. Sometimes, they are captured on video.


The Pulsipher Acrobats

Original Creation Date: December 2009

This is a video of my cousins, Will and Brandon doing a sit-up type stunt when we visited them for Christmas.


Project: Lady Gaga Costume Part II

Original Creation Date: October 2009

I used Gorilla tape, which is thicker than normal duct tape (and smells a little worse).
For the bodice, I used a black body slimmer, which could be found nearly anywhere.
I needed to add a slit to the back of the skirt in order for me to put it on. To make this work, I added holes (with a knife) and a lace as well.
Since I will be wearing this outfit around children and to church activities, and for other reasons, Ive decided to make the outfit a little more modest by wearing a dance sweater.
I purchased an excellent blonde wig at a Halloween store. I know that sometimes, she has long hair, but since this is a Paparazzi outfit I went with short hair.

The song is Just Dance by Lady Gaga, featuring Colby ODonis.
The font is called Hollywood Hills.


Project: Lady Gaga Costume Part I

Original Creation Date: October 2009

This is the start of a wonderful thing...my Lady Gaga costume for Halloween 2009.
It is modeled after the outfit she wore at the end of the Paparazzi music video. In this video, I used two styrofoam half balls from a craft store, a Rice Krispies box, and a whole roll of black Gorilla tape (heavier than normal duct tape).

There is still more that I have to do, so stay tuned for part two.

The songs are "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" and "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga (of course).


Home Video: Harry Potter and the Dramatic Action Figures

Original Creation Date: Sometime in 2003 or 2004

With the help of some friends we were able to capture some of the opening scenes of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" as well as one random one from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone."
My favorite line is, "That's my nephew, he's really disturbing."


Music Video: Wake Me Up Remix

Original Creation Date: Song 2006 / Pictures October 2009

I made this when I was 16. It's mostly just me playing with some of the effects, but I was proud of the final result. I decided to upload a few pictures to go with it (er...just four), so that you can have something to look at while you listen.


Home Video: Roses In The Garden

Original Creation Date: June 2008

This is a short soundless clip from our first dress rehearsal for "Alice in Wonderland." For the garden scene, each different type of flower was represented by a different group and we were roses.


Music Video: Teenagers

Original Creation Date: Summer 2008

Originally, this video was not smooshed into wide screen with a green box at the bottom...so keep that in mind. That happened when I edited it for language, and I don't really know why.

This video was on my friend Zito's YouTube channel for a while before YouTube caught up with their copyright searches. We made it one day when we were bored. It stars my friends Steve, Luke and Zito as well as myself.

The song is called "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance.

Amazon -> Teenagers


Vlog: Happy Birthday Lincoln!

Original Creation Date: February 2008

I don't do much with vlogs mostly because I feel like there are so many other great vloggers out there that I could never make a name for myself. That is why this is one of the only ones. (The other ones being here.)

I made this to celebrate Lincoln's birthday! Yay!


Home Videos: Singing!

I have a lot of artistic friends (and friends who just enjoy the small things) so sometimes there is some singing going on. Not so much from me, though sometimes like like to play karaoke games on Xbox and Xbox 360, but a lot from them.

Original Creation Date: August 2008

Here we have members of the Student Conservative Club (The SCC) from my high school having a party at my house and singing a karaoke medley of pop favorites.

Original Creation Date: August 2009

This is a video of my friend's Scott and Anthony. They had already done several songs, some they had written for their band and this was more just them winding down.

Original Creation Date: August 2009

I went to Frys with my friends Hannah, Gary, Luke, Steve and Zito. This is one thing that happened. The volume on the game was turned up all of the way too, so when I was done filming, and Hannah and I went to find something to do, we could hear Steve singing from across the store.